Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kisamakibo - Rap shake dance

When I was at Bongo Camping in Tukuyu I shot this video with two of the members of Kisamakibo (artists from Bongo Camping) who are playing at events all around Mbeya Region in English and Swahili.
They are right now doing recordings of their Swahili songs which I am looking forward to hear!

I really dugg the song and I still do digg it, but tell me, honestly, how does it sound when you don't hear it in the karma-loaded hide-out of Bongo Camping??
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Kisamakibo - Rap shake dance (opens in youtube)

Kisamakibo - Rap shake dance
Dance oho dance I am dancing all alone
Shake oho shake I am shaking all alone
Rap oho rap I am rapping all alone
Rap shake dance
The guys are getting up.

1. verse
If art's your dear
the field is here
I love you teens
I also love you greens.
Art to me
Is not only funny
When I cultivate
Art is in my head
When I play football
I shake them all
When I go out
Down I fall.
La la la la la Down I fall.

2. verse
When troubles come to you
And you dont know what to do
how to make them go away
Is to watch people play
A football match
The fans they watch
People playing pool
They feel so cool
And the boxing man
Puts a glove on his hand
la la la la la on his hand.

3. verse
When the young are partying
and they dont have a thing
Hands they fling
everybody in a ring.
We are leading
on the streets
we are leading
on the beat
Young hot stream
dont think it is a dream!
young hot motion
we are on the ocean.
la la la la la on the ocean.

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