Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Streets: Computers and Blues (stream)

Oi oi, a stream of new songs by @skinnermike:
"The final Streets album (the fifth one) will be dark and futuristic. It's gonna be called 'Computers And Blues' and it's all about dancing and CHATTING SHIT. One more banger. Dancing music to drink tea to. 45 minutes of 130 bpm style straight spittin."
Playlist of all the songs - kudos to Skinner for sharing!
Last in, first out. Play the playlist! He's behind you...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Streets - Trust Me (lyrics + stream)

The Streets - Trust Me - lyrics:

(trust me)
is the skyline sliced up into pieces and broken steel and mesh
or is the progress a process thats a natural people quest
metal and the workings dark and lurking in my mind
branding neon, red and blue flashes the view from the flats is nice

i see Alice in wonderland
i see malice in Sunderland
mouse to house i am this man the where without its Thumberland
smoke to a karma coma
jamaicans do yard aromas shake bacardis and coke make me laugh and trust me

so much stuff in many people the future is not evil the future is not ficcient its simple its efficient
now that things are costing nothing is any of it good
come and love me, read my nothings blogging river floods

club sweat
come get
rubbed red
play the playlist

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Streets - A Blip on a Screen (lyrics + stream)

@skinnermike posted a great new song: A Blip on a Screen

The Streets - A Blip on a Screen - lyrics:
Turn on the lights
so it burns in the night
turning down the flay
the world is uncertain
I’m certained by the curtains tonight
Got to reverse the pattern
What’s the worse that could happen?
For the first time in my adulthood
The worse that could happen
Is utterly unthinkable, ……..
Suddenly I’m worried about the bread under the bed
Bu then all sort of awful shit seem plausible indoors
Proportions get “walked” in to the worse, and for certain
You’re growing thumbs
I’m growing numb
“totting” to your mom’s lips like it might be quite fun

A blip on a screen
You don’t know me
I think about you
And what you’ll grow to be

I fix and I plan
but this is just mad
I love you
You're only a 100 pixels on a scan

Mike Skinner posted the song for you to download:
Download the Streets - A Blip on a Screen

Other new The Streets songs from the album he might be calling "Computers and Blues":

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jooks - Hun vil ha' en rapper (lyrics/tekst + stream)

Jooks - Hun vil ha' en rapper - lyrics/tekst:

Jeg ik et stilikon ligner ik en million
men lyder som en milliard når jeg på den mikrofon
broke - jeg har ik en krone - tomme lommer i mine jeans
har ik råd til en dyr tøs har ikke engang råd til Billi(g)e Jean
så jeg sipper billig vin og sætter ild til en af mine
sidste stænger nikotin og lukker nattelivet ind
mænd på fire ben jager for at finde en
tøs med klasse inden klokken ringer ind til sidste time
så hun er ik alene behøver intet diadem
nattens dronningen combi af kvinde min og kvinde din
ja hun er virkelig fin burde hedde giloutine
fyrerne de taber hovedet når de ser hende grin

hun vil ik ha en rock n roller
der står og skråler
Gasolin ved et bål
og hun vil ik ha en bodybuilder
hvis eneste jern der virker
er det der vægte på
og hun vil ik ha et jakkesæt
med pengeclips og slips
tænder ik på regnskabstips
og hun vil ik ha en prettyboy
der går i for fint tøj
hun vil ha wifebeater og sneaks så når hun ser dig siger hun
nej nej nej nej nej
så når hun ser dig siger hun
nej nej nej nej nej
så når hun ser dig siger hun
jeg vil ha en rapper jeg vil jeg vil ha en rapper

hun vil ha en rapper - siger jeg til mig selv
mens jeg passerer mænd der alle må gå triste hjem
de tabte mælet da de talte med hende
og det hjalp ik da lod deres penge tale for dem
og deres trendy tøj hjælper ik noget
når det deres mundtøj der gået af mode
og hvis de prøvede at fylde hende med pis var hendes svar
er du for dum til at se forskel på pussy og pissoir
hun skal ha en rapper der siger det som det er
intet skjult intet glemt der siger det sådan her
der gir hende lige det hun fortjent
en gentleman i byen og en gadedreng i sengen
så jeg siger det til hende og hun svarer igen
har en betingelse hvis jeg ville se hende i mit hjem
hun synes ik der bliver spillet nok rap i dag
så hun fik mig til at lave pop så alle kan høre hvad hun vil ha!

@Jooks_ new single out. For the Danes:

Buy on iTunes (with instrumental version)

'bout a girl looking for a guy who walks the talk...

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Danish Data Protection Agency questions Facebook

"The Danish Data Protection Agency is asking Facebook whether it respects Danish legislation, following criticism that Facebook users have to renounce many of their rights when they enter a profile on the social network."
- Politiken News (in Danish)
@Facebook - I am sure, this is not the Danish people speaking! We don't want special rights, please...
We do understand you need to do your thing to deliver the best service to the users.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Touch Me Thermo is the next THING

Saw these sasseeh gals last night at Stengade 30. They are the next thang out of Denmark, brother.

I tell you, if I had a record label, I'd sign them instantly!

Check them out before they check you out.
"You try to hard
u suck"
- Touch Me Thermo
About Touch Me Thermo by Stengade 30 (Translated with a machine of course... almost incomprehensible but you might get the picture anyway...):
"Out of the blue comes this 2 Copenhagen girls (they were 3 yesterday!?), armed to the teeth with 8-bit beats and catchy vocal melodies. They are playing through a noisy electro universe that allows the ideas fall into a slow version Atari Teenage Riot or unpolished version of Ladytron. A-care attitude and is seething unrest behind the distorted sound and threatens constantly to drag you back to the avant-garde club in Berlin or London in the'80s. It is raw and cold as a butcher's window yet, sources a little of the heart as a spring infatuation."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jack Penate - Tonight’s Today (Lyrics and Stream)

Jack Penate - Tonight’s Today - Lyrics:
I’m in a haze
an in between stage
Cos I’m not awake
but walk in a state
Of ghostly charm
a deadly calm
And my filthy palms
Reach for the harms

Today’s tonight tonight’s today today’s tonight
Tonight’s today today’s tonight tonight’s today
Everyday everyday everyday

Tonight just became this morning
The sun’s waving at the moon
The thought has just started dawning
That there’s still so much more that I can do
I shuffle into the sunlight
A zombie roaming on the day
She look’s at me and says “What a sight”
A passing woman says

Today’s tonight tonight’s today today’s tonight
Tonight’s today today’s tonight tonight’s today
Everyday everyday everyday

Every nights the same
I'm ringing church bells...

Jack Peñate on Myspace

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lars von Trier's Antichrist (trailer w. Danish subtitles)

A grieving couple retreat to ’Eden’, their isolated cabin in the woods, where they hope to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage.

But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse…

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nephew - 007 is also gonna die (stream and lyrics)

Nephew - 007 is also gonna die - lyrics:

What is black and what is brown
What is field and what is town
What is silence, what is shout
What is fear and what is doubt

Double-o-seven is also gonna die
Bond James Bond himself is bound to die
Double-o-seven is also gonna die
Bond James Bond himself is bound to die

What is less in less is more
What if god won’t bless the whore
What if words like boy and girl
Did not rhyme with joy and world

Double-o-seven is also gonna die
Bond James Bond himself is bound to die
Double-o-seven is also gonna die
Bond James Bond himself is bound to die

He’s bound to die…

007 Is Also Gonna Die is the first single from the upcoming Nephew album Danmark/Denmark.

Nephew about the song:
"It's an angry cry for some absolutes in life. One thing we can be sure of is that we're all gonna die. That this also goes for James Bond reflects a very Danish point of view."
Danmark/Denmark will be released on June 5th, Constitution Day in Denmark.
"To be a Dane is not really a quality on its own, but more like the lens through which we view our lives. With that in mind, the theme of the album is really 'everything viewed from a Danish scope'. The songs are about being humans with eyes and ears, hearts and brains, physically situated in Denmark, which is in Europe, which is in the World.", says Nephew lead singer Simon Kvamm.
The album includes tracks such as Descendants Of King Canute, Jesus Jesus, 007 Is Also Gonna Die and Hurra!.

Nephew on Myspace

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eminem - We Made You (Stream + Lyrics) NEW song

Eminem - We Made You (video):

Eminem - We Made You - Lyrics:

When you walked through the door
It was clear to me (clear to me)
You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see)
You’re a … rock star (baby)
Everybody wants you (everybody wants you)
Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you)
We're the ones who (chicka) made you *cough, cough*

Back by popular demand
Now pop a little Zantac or ant'-acid if you can
You're ready to tackle any task that is at hand
How does it feel, is it fantastic, is it grand?
Well look at all the massive masses in the stands
Shady man… no don’t massacre the fans
Damn, I think Kim Kardashians a man
She stomped him just cause he asked to put his hands
On her massive Gluteus maximus again
Squeeze it, then Squish it, then pass it to her friend
Can he come back as nasty as he can
Yes he can, can, don’t ask me this again
He does not mean to lesbian offend
But Lindsay please come back to seeing men
Samantha’s a 2, You’re practically a 10
I know you want me girl,
In fact I see your grin
(Now come in girl)

Verse Two:
The enforcer, looking for more women to torture
Walk up to the cutest girl and Charlie Horse her
Sorry Portia, but what’s Ellen DeGeneres
Have that I don't, are you telling me tenderness?
Well I can be as gentle and as smooth as a gentleman
Give me my ventolin inhaler and 2 xenedrine
And I'll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner then
Nail her, 'Baby say hello to my little friend'
Brit f’rget K-Fed let’s cut off the middle man
Forget him or your gonna end up in the hospital again
And this time it won’t be for the Ritalin binge
Forget them other men, girl pay them little atten-tion
A little did I mention, that Jennifer's in-
Love with me John Mayer so sit on the bench
Man I swear them other guys you give ‘em an inch
They take a mile, they got style, but it isn't Slim

Verse Three:
And that’s why… my love
You'll never live without,
I know you want me girl cause I can see you checking me out
And baby, you know, you know you want me too
Don’t try to deny it baby, I’m the only one for you
Damn girl I’m beginning to sprout an Alfalfa
Why should I wash my filthy mouth out
You think that’s bad you should hear the rest of my album
Never has there been such finesse and nostalgia
Man Cash, I don’t mean to mess up your gal but
Jessica Alba put a breast in my mouth (brrp)
Wowzers, I just made a mess of my trousers
And they wonder why I keep dressing like Elvis
Lord help us he's back in his pink Alf shirt
Looking like someone shrinked his outfit
I think he’s about to flip
Jessica rest assure, Superman’s here to rescue ya
Can you blame me?
You’re my Amy, I’m your Blake
Matter fact make me a birthday cake
With a saw blade in it to make my jail break
Baby, I think you just met your soul mate
(Now break it down girl)