Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Streets - A Blip on a Screen (lyrics + stream)

@skinnermike posted a great new song: A Blip on a Screen

The Streets - A Blip on a Screen - lyrics:
Turn on the lights
so it burns in the night
turning down the flay
the world is uncertain
I’m certained by the curtains tonight
Got to reverse the pattern
What’s the worse that could happen?
For the first time in my adulthood
The worse that could happen
Is utterly unthinkable, ……..
Suddenly I’m worried about the bread under the bed
Bu then all sort of awful shit seem plausible indoors
Proportions get “walked” in to the worse, and for certain
You’re growing thumbs
I’m growing numb
“totting” to your mom’s lips like it might be quite fun

A blip on a screen
You don’t know me
I think about you
And what you’ll grow to be

I fix and I plan
but this is just mad
I love you
You're only a 100 pixels on a scan

Mike Skinner posted the song for you to download:
Download the Streets - A Blip on a Screen

Other new The Streets songs from the album he might be calling "Computers and Blues":


  1. Great that he is sharing. Did he get out of some bad record deal?? Now, claiming back the e-streets!