Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Warner Music and R.E.M. wrongfully accuses Danish band, Hej Matematik, of stealing song

Warner Music keeps digging its own grave by wrongfully removing music on the internet. (Some of many youtube users protest videos.)
This time R.E.M. accuses Danish band, Hej Matematik, of stealing from the song Supernatural Superserious in their hit in Danish Walkmand. Hej Matematik's song has been removed from Youtube with the following message from Youtube:
A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video "Walkmand - Hej Matematik". The audio content identified in your video is Supernatural Superserious by R.E.M.. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback due to a music rights issue.
Is it a deaf machine who has done this comparison??

Has this song... (Hej Matematik - Walkmand)

... stolen anything from this song? (R.E.M - Supernatural Superserious)

No, that is so far off!
In fact the chorus is taken from this old Danish song, Walk, mand, from 1981:

Wait, does this mean that REM actually has stolen from the old Michael Hardinger song? Sue them, Michael!

All in all, it's so sad, Warner Music, so sad!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Choir of Young Believers - Next Summer (lyrics and stream)

Choir of Young Believers - Next Summer - Lyrics:
So dramatic when you called
So dramatic going down
So dramatic when you sang
It’s the best you ever get
Ever get

Next summer I will return
I’ll be back
I’ll break your heart
I’ll break your heart
When next summer starts

Next summer I will return
I’ll be back
You'll crash and burn
Now it's your turn
To crash and burn

And you’ll be just like a hurricane
Ruining everything
Great performance of Next Summer (song begins 0:40) last Friday from Danish Television music award show, P3 Guld.

Or the studio version of Next Summer:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fever Ray full album stream

Ok, this is very nice new tunes from Karin Dreijer (The Knife).

Fever Ray full album stream

Also check out the Familjen Remix of If I had a Heart at Fever Ray's Myspace. K-man doesn't like it, but what does he know... It's drums and bass!

Listen to the music and go to the concerts!! At Vega, Copenhagen.

Our Swedish neighbours are taking back the pole position of Scandinavian music...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Solal: Luna's Song (Lyrics and video) from The Moonshine Sessions

Solal - Luna's Song - Lyrics
It’s past the time we up and leave
All this concrete and this steel
Be where my mind can really breathe
Be where my heart can really feel

You can take me to the mountains
You can take me to the hills
This city’s dying by the day
And you know it always will

Momma, i wanna live where i can see the stars
I’m tired, uninspired and the country isn’t all that far

If you listen to the earth
You can hear as she weeps
Dig your hands down in the dirt
You can hold her as she sleeps

Momma, i wanna live where i can see the stars
I’m tired, uninspired and the country isn’t all that far

The co-founder of Gotan Project, $olal, has done this great but very different act.
Listen to Luna's Song:

A quote from The Moonshine Sessions Myspace:
Psycho travellers know no boundaries; they recognise no borders for them the journey is everything, the producer-songwriter ­performer $olal is one of them. He is drawn to the beats and rhythms, the stories and the truths that are revealed in the music of country folk as well as urban dwellers from the heat and dust of Latin America to the raw edges of angst that have emanated from Country music's capital city Nashville USA.

It was to Nashville that the native Parisian travelled with his guitar to exorcise his personal demons...

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Eminem Single: Crack a bottle (stream, final version)

Eminem: Crack a Bottle (ft. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent). Final version stream:

Hey, it's friday, so crack a bottle!

Dr. Dre's verse is king. Not that I sympathize with crashing cars (I don't even have one...), but you know, the flow, it's ace!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 cool Things about Bon Iver (Justin Vernon)

1. He recorded For Emma, Forever Ago in a cabin.

2. He told you to be patient… but still leaked the new Blood Bank ep for the fans to start talking.
We'll be holding all the tickets
And he'll be owning all the fines

3. You don’t have to open your media player to hear For Emma, Forever Ago – You just click this link ("ctrl + click" to keep reading while listening).

4. He just put his music out there and started touring the world. Or was it the other way around?! He’s still touring the world, with the tail tracing him ever growing.

5. He came to your favorite venue. You went there and he left you wanting more.

6. His songs make you dream – it’s enough.

7. He’s got a neat Myspace, where you right now can stream the new Blood Bank ep and download a very nice free ep live session with Myspace Transmissions.

8. Everybody else loves him – doesn’t make it worse. So join the community.

9. He also loves Basketball.
Bon Iver: "Oh man. Celtics. Love KG, love Ray Allen, unselfish AND astonishing. The best kind."

10. He makes you want to go to America.