Thursday, October 30, 2008

Listen to: The Streets - Everything is borrowed

Everything is borrowed

Love you more

The Escapist

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dark October / bright Bongo Camping memories

October - it's getting dark and cold.
Time to bring out the summer recordings from Tanzania and remember how the sun was shining.

Here is some footage from Bongo Camping - a project I am in the board of, where I have created awareness and raised money here in Denmark. They are doing so much good with the money and after only 1 year the camp site is almost self financed through tourist income!
Gotta love it!

The Motos in the video belong to "a couple of adventure motorcycle travellers who want to do our little part in saving lives from this ugly disease (ed. Malaria) that took my brothers life." They have travelled the worlds most distant areas for many years on Motos.
Support them here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bon Iver - Blood Bank (lyrics and stream)

Bon Iver - Blood Bank - Lyrics:

Well i met you at the blood bank
we were looking at the bags
wondering if any of the colors
matched any of the names we knew on the tags

you said "see look at that's yours
stacked on top with your brother's
see how they resemble oneanother's
even in their plastic little covers"

well I said I know it well

that secret that you know
that you don't know how to tell

well it fucks with your honor
and it teases your head
but you know that its good girl
cos its running through you with thread

then the snow started falling
we were stuck out in your car
you were rubbing both my hands
chewing on a candy bar

You said “Ain't it just like a present
To be showing up like this?”
as the moon waned to crescent
we started to kiss

I said I know it well

that secret that you know
but you don't know how to tell
I'm in love with your honor
I'm in love with your cheeks
what's that noise up the stairs babe?
Is that Christmas morning creaks?
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Bon Iver - Blood Bank (studio version):

I wonder if it's the final studio version of Blood Bank - it doesn't really match the concert version. Or maybe you just have to get used to this more quiet version. Probably, yes.
I recorded Blood Bank at Vega, Copenhagen:

Without the online crowd push he would never have gotten out to the world. No record label would have dared. No promoter would have known.

Now he is touring the whole world with his friends from some town in USA. At the concert in Copenhagen they told us they were happy and thrilled to be here and meet the Copenhagen people - that they were grateful to be able to see the world.
Indeed, they are lucky ones. And so are we!