Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 cool Things about Bon Iver (Justin Vernon)

1. He recorded For Emma, Forever Ago in a cabin.

2. He told you to be patient… but still leaked the new Blood Bank ep for the fans to start talking.
We'll be holding all the tickets
And he'll be owning all the fines

3. You don’t have to open your media player to hear For Emma, Forever Ago – You just click this link ("ctrl + click" to keep reading while listening).

4. He just put his music out there and started touring the world. Or was it the other way around?! He’s still touring the world, with the tail tracing him ever growing.

5. He came to your favorite venue. You went there and he left you wanting more.

6. His songs make you dream – it’s enough.

7. He’s got a neat Myspace, where you right now can stream the new Blood Bank ep and download a very nice free ep live session with Myspace Transmissions.

8. Everybody else loves him – doesn’t make it worse. So join the community.

9. He also loves Basketball.
Bon Iver: "Oh man. Celtics. Love KG, love Ray Allen, unselfish AND astonishing. The best kind."

10. He makes you want to go to America.

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