Sunday, September 21, 2008

Running against Nabil

I had a dramatic 20 minutes run against Nabil today at the Genforeningspladsen stadium.
The game is simple: the winner is the guy in the lead after 20 minutes on the stadium clock.

Nabil took the lead with high speed in the first round. I kept his speed which gave me some serious side stitches. The next 4 rounds he lost speed while I had a hard time with my stomach's muscle spasms. Eventually they disappeared.

Fight of the lead
So at the sixth round I took the lead and got a good 30 meters gap on Nab. I thought this would break him. But I couldn't keep the speed and after some rounds he was back behind me. Then I had my worse rounds and now he won some meters on me. I really felt like giving in.
With 3 minutes left I had lost 50 meters. I had to escalate the speed but he still kept his lead over me.

I really wanted to win this one and I knew from the Water Run last Sunday that I had a 400 meter sprint in me. So I started giving it everything with one minute to go and before running into the last curve I had minimized the gap to 20 meters. I guess there was about 30 seconds to go. In the curve I was at a Usain Bolt-like ravaging speed and even though Nabil was sprinting too I passed him by like he wasn't moving. He was so surprised to see me that it took away his power and his body terminated while I tried to keep the speed to avoid him getting back in the last seconds. Legendary - muhahaha!

4900 meter in 20 minutes. Close to my initial target of 5 km.

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