Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 bad (out of many) Facebook design changes

Over at the AllFacebook blog Nick O'Neill got me answering a question about the new Facebook design:
Have you found the new design easy to use?
Well, here's my answer:

I don’t think it is a question about whether the new design is easy to use or not. It’s a question about the new design and feed algorithms impairing what was good about Facebook.

My two examples:

Applications you have not added can post feeds on your Wall!! (I just got an application feed on my wall from Friends For Sale! - An app I would never add and don’t want to pollute my pages)

Applications appear more in the News Feed / Live Feed and the only way to opt-out is by hiding your friends using the apps. With the old design you could hide the applications (I don’t want to hide interesting friends just because they got a fling with some stupid app. I want the good old fb algorithm to know that I hate apps, just like it used to know.)

Well, at least I see an upside to this bad change of design:

I’m from Denmark where Facebook is huge (more than 1/3 is on) and Twitter so far has only been for the really net-savvy.
But since the new Facebook came on, it seems the early adopters and the early majority is being pushed over to Twitter (people following me, and asking in their fb status updates who is on Twitter!). This is good news for Danish information seekers and Twitter, but a bad move for Facebook the company because they are pushing people to Twitter - not the opposite.

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I wonder, is Facebook in the closings of acquiring Twitter??

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