Saturday, March 28, 2009

Danish X-Factor: The winner Linda and the best performances

The winner of the Danish X-Factor 2009 was Linda Andrews. A 35 year old woman with a great voice, who managed to tell her story and get people involved in her private struggles against cruel people and comforteating.
She sort of made a symbol out of herself of overcoming and not-putting-up-with-the-cruel-world - OMG, she pulled an Obama on us!

As Linda writes on her Myspace (translated version):
"A voice can tell many things. About pain, the joy and variety of other emotions, but to communicate through song, it is rarely credible and genuine unless you have some stories and experiences you are willing to share with the world."

Blachman, the transgressive judge, commented on her suffering story on and off the show that "this is not Oprah Winfrey ffs"! But maybe they should change it to the Oprah Winfrey-Factor show!?

This was her final performance:

Well well well... Ok, so she got a million kroner record deal. And congratulations.
Update: article and discussion at about DR not mentioning that Linda already was a semi-pro singer before the contest. (translated)

These are the 3 most viewed videos on Youtube from X-Factor 2009 in Denmark:
1. Lucas - Tainted Love (show 2)

2. Alien Beat Club - Warwick Avenue

3. Mohamed - One thing

Alien Beat Clubs (second, with 2 percent less votes than Linda) performance in the final:

Thanks to all the performers and judges for great family entertainment you can trust - see you next year!

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