Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV Movie Awards 2009: Bruno 69 Eminem (video)

Clearly it was staged - but who suggested it: Bruno, Eminem or MTV?

A leaked document from Bruno, Eminem and MTV PR Buzz Managers compiles a list of media stories to be spun off this marketing stunt:
1. Homophobic Eminem gets sexually harassed by crazy homo-star Bruno (hahaha)
2. Eminem, who is always making fun of other celebrities, receives a load of his own medicine - and does not like it (didn't I say, he is just like them)
3. Bruno is kicking a guy, straight out of rehab, that is lying down (so rude)
4. By letting this happen MTV again shows a lack of moral. Our kids must be told not to watch this godless channel (oh my, where is this world heading?)
5. Eminem can't be part of the prank - 'cause it's soo humiliating (it must be real, right!?)

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