Friday, May 23, 2008

Tata Nano: A fuel economic car for $2500?

The Indian company Tata Motors has created the world's cheapest car: Nano – the People's Car. It costs $2500 and it will drive 20 kilometres per litre in combined city and highway driving.
Whether the car will meet European safety standards remains to be seen, but the company states that it will only release the Nano on the European markets “if it achieves a four-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash.”

No matter what, Tata Motors has shown that it is possible to produce a cheap and environment friendly car. To minimise the pollution in our cities I would welcome city cars like this instead of the big Land Cruisers that, let me be frank with you daddy, has nothing to do in our cities.

Video of the Nano with some Indian "rap" music:)

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  1. The Tata Nano is still in the developing process but it should be released later this year. Currently the material costs has risen 23% - can Tata keep the initial price target?
    Meanwhile competitors from around the world has started working on low cost cars innovating the supply chain and working on gasoline-electric hybrids.
    Just like with the Asus EEE booming a new market of netbooks, it seems the Tata Nano has offset a small revolution in the car industry.