Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The job in Barcelona

I had a dream last night. I was talking to a guy in my business network I haven’t met since last summer. He told me about this phenomenal job in Barcelona that he wanted me to do. I was supposed to go and meet a very important person. He would tell me what to do. I saw his picture and I knew him instantly. I had seen him a couple of times on a TV or computer screen.
You know, though I had some other stuff to do, I didn’t mind going to Barcelona. Then I could go to the Sonar Festival also. But the agreement was that I had to take the train. I was not allowed to go by any other means. And you know, I hate trains just as much as I like planes. This journey would be as long as going from Dar es Salaam through the savanna to Mbeya with the Tanzanian rumble train. Still I packed a back at my parents’ house and hooked up with my girl at the station. I had fixed a free ticket for her so she could hang around at the Sonar Festival.
The trip down there was actually ok. We had a great laugh with some Dutch dj’s. Arriving in Barcelona, where I have never been, I knew this was so right. Still I never got to meet my contact person because I had to look for my girl all the time. So the theme of the dream changed.
But maybe I should still go and meet him.

The Sonar Festival is from the 19. to the 21. of June.

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