Thursday, May 22, 2008

Silver Jews + "heat up" band, Monotonix

I went to hear Silver Jews in Columbia Club (Berlin) yesterday. We were having a big Hefe in their free garden. Everybody were smoking and I felt like too, but I didn’t!
A half beer later the music started. Drums and guitar, that was all. People went inside to check it out. We considered staying out here in the setting sun until Silver Jews would enter. But then again, what if the support band for once was something!? And it was!
This is how the Monotonix show started:

And this is where they ended. On the bar!

We had never heard about Monotonix so along with the rest of the crowd we were shocked - laughing'n grinning we had to buy another beer. Silver Jews went out in the crowd to check out what happened and they stayed.

Then came Silver Jews. The concert was very good. Lead singer David Berman was a bit shaky in the start but he charmed his way back in the game with help from the six person band. Best was the duets between David and his beautiful wife and bassist of the band. The play between the two made the heat of the room reach same level as under the rage of Monotonix. Also the talented guitarist William made a great performance.

Thanks to the Silver Jews for coming to Europe again. Hope you will be back next year!
Monotonix is playing again in Berlin the 4. of June at Café Zapata in Tacheles. Count me in – if I still dare!

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