Friday, June 6, 2008

Deutsch lernen in Berlin

Last wednesday I began my second Deutsch class here in Berlin. 3 hours teaching a day for a month at the Volkhochschule (VHS) for 100 Euro. A lot cheaper than the private school I went to when I came to Berlin. The teacher is creative and the around 15 students from Europe and Asia are very nice.

Everyday I wake up to the sound of Karl Marx chanting my learning philosophy:
"Eine Sprache ist eine Waffe in Kampf des Lebens."

This actionpacked metaphor drives me forward. But so far I got a lot of work to do to sharpen my weapon (Waffe). As you can see my first written exercise is plastered with red marks:

But I won't give in until the fat lady sings.


  1. hey, i read your blog while i was looking for a swahilicourse in berlin. are you staying here for a long time? i just came back from tanzania and like to learn some more, but im studying in magdeburg, there is no possibility to learn swahili..
    so ill keep trying..greetings to the german class, if you have an idea: judithhillner²

    tschüss judith

  2. Hi Judith, VHS has got two swahili courses starting the 22/9-08:

    When I was in Berlin I also saw that Humboldt Uni has a lot of interesting Africa studies. Maybe even Swahili!?

    You did NOT meet any Rastafari people at Zanzibar!?? Verrückt!!

  3. Hej 
    Undskyld jeg forstyrrer, men kan du huske hvilket tyskkursus du tog på vhs? Jeg overvejer nemlig at tage på sprogkursus i efteråret og synes det lyder tiltalende at det er en tysk skole :) Hvis det altså var sådan at der også var ikke-tyske studerende? På forhånd tak 
    Vh Ida