Wednesday, June 11, 2008

5 things to do in Berlin

1. Get a bike
Only by bike you meet the real Berlin with the wibe so many people is praising and not just the U-bahn spots with the mandatory Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Häagen-Dazs.

2. Rent a flat
If you are in Berlin for a week or more, get a flat! The flats are cheap and often very charming. There are 4 cool neighbourhoods in Berlin: Friedrichshain (young), Kreuzberg (multikulti), Mitte (international) and Prenzlauer Berg (relaxed).

If you speak a little German and want to rent without middlemen, try Zweite Hand.
Otherwise use someone like the Exberliner or google.

3. Drink orange juice
The orange juice stalls are all around town. 0,2 litre freshmade for 1 euro.

4. Play table tennis or beach volley
Every little green area in Berlin have at least one table for table tennis.
In this video I am playing with Broken Foot. He is the FUNNY one:)

And many parks are loaded with beach volley courts.

5. Go dining!
Berlin has restaurants from all over the world. Cheap and high quality. Enjoy!

For instance Hot Pot. But really, just go where your nose leads you in one of the four advisable neighbourhoods.


  1. I thought Dr. Pong was the bad guy from one of those old James Bond movies

  2. Maybe that IS him and now he retired and built a tabletennis mob in Berlin

  3. I agree, its better to rent a flat or apartment. We keep visiting Germany for Oktoberfest, and we always rent a flat so that we can party even when we get home! There are plenty of lists on the net like this List of Berlin Apartments here.