Friday, June 13, 2008

5 more things to do in Berlin

6. Party at Dr. Pong
The famous underground Tischtennis bar in Eberswalder Straße. Just by the Eberswalder U-bahn station.

7. Go to a museum at payfree thursday
The National Museums in Berlin are kostenlos the last 4 opening hours every Thursday. That means from 18 to 22 at the Museum Island in Mitte. Check out fly girl Nefertete at Alte Museum:

The New National Galery by Potsdamer Platz is also worth a visit. Or the Hamburger Bahnhof if you are into Modern Art (closes at 18).

8. Try not to eat too much Döner and Shawarma
Among Döner gourmants Berlin is known as a true paradise. But be aware, it's addictive. And though they put a great mix of salats in, I don't really think it's that healthy.

9. Learn German
Even though English will get you far in Berlin, German will get you further. Learn it in the streets and in the classroom. The Volkhochschule has classes starting all the time. I am following one right now.

There are also some online resources for learning german.

10. Watch Euro Cup 2008
Bars and café's show every match - inside and outside. The germans love football!

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