Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Enter Dar es Salaam

I just found a free hot-spot connection here in Dar es Salaam at our hotel: Harbour View.
It has been a very good stay so far. People are great and we (me and my fellow Mzungus) are improving our greeting skills in Swahili. I also started building small sentences - mostly with the verb "to have" which is created from the word "na" (with). For instance "I have" is "nina", where "ni" is marking "I". "I have not" is "sina". With nina, una and sina I can say everything!
nina - I have
una - you have
ana - he/she has
tuna - we have
mna - you have
wana - they have
In a few hours we are going to the station to take the train about 1000 km south-west through the Savanna to Mbeya. There we will go to Bongo Camping. Hope to see some lions and elephants on the way, but not on the camp site:)

I will now try to upload some pictures from Dar es Salaam. --> It worked fine. I got a lot of street photos too, but for now I'll just post these fantastic views. Baadaye ("later")!

Kilimanjaro from the plane.