Thursday, July 31, 2008

5 things to do in Tukuyu

If you go to the South-West of Tanzania, be sure to visit Tukuyu! Google Map got some misspelling going on here, not me.

Vis stort kort

1. Learn Swahili for free at Bongo Camping
I learned Swahili at Bongo Camping together with other tourists and in exchange with the local people who are taking english courses at the NGO camp site. A Swahili speaking Dane, Kasper Gram-Hansen, was leading the teachings. It was really brilliant and I got some genuine friendships that made me feel at home in Tukuyu. We took a little group picture:

2. Eat at Ima's Kitchen
This local cafeteria serves local dishes to the price of 1 or 2 dollars. And for some cents you can get a delicious chai. It is the favourite place for both the locals and the tourists. If you are planning on renting a car, I would also recommend asking for Ima.

3. Climb Mount Rungwe
A challenging rain forest vulcano. We climbed it in one day. If you are not afraid of pain, I dare you!

4. Visit Kaporogwe Falls or Ngozi Crater See
Or any other of the great sights around Tukuyu. Bongo Camping or Rungwe Tea Tours can guide you. I would go with the Bongos!

5. Buy a dress / suit
My girlfriend got some high fashion dresses tailor sewn. 6 dollars each.

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  1. Hello, great tips! I'm also planning to go to Mbeya and Tukuyu soon so I was wondering, for how long did you guys stay in Tukuyu? And how many days do you think is enough to see the things you described? Thanks :)