Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kaporogwe Falls 10 km southwest of Tukuyu

Kaporogwe Falls is a wonder of nature. You can experience this powerful waterfall from the front and from the back by going into a cave which in a mysterious way has been made behind the waterfall. I find it hard to describe how special this phenomen is, but I hope you get the picture.
Here is a little video from some guys going there with Bongo Camping:

From the cave you watch the water falling from the cliffs above with the beautiful view of mountains with tea fields and banana palms in the background.

We drove the bumpy way in a 4W drive with the safe guiding from Bongo Camping. I was behind the wheels zig-zaggin' on the challenging dirt road. Something about driving in Africa brings out the happy boy in me. In the back of the car some of my fellow riders were getting car sick, others were praising the nature and greeting both some of the poorer and richer villages in Rungwe.
Entering the falls you pay a fee of 3000 Shillings to the nearby village which is using the tourism income to build water pipes to this area that lacks water and electricity.

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